You Need More Space?

What are the ‘drivers’ behind wanting to redesign your home? Light, Space & Colour.

Space. Space is the key factor in everyone’s home and we all want more. If your space is not working or flowing then neither are you. However space is affected by light. When used effectively in the home. Light will create depth, texture and atmosphere. It can make a room appear bigger, a ceiling higher or lower, a hallway wider. Lighting is not just about putting spotlights in the ceiling. Lighting can be confusing because you cannot ‘touch it’ however, altering light will transform a space and even the simplest scheme can have dramatic impact on your home. Add colour to this mix and you will feel the changes. Colour is proven to affact mood and therefore this can only have a positive impact on your home.

Designed to live well.

This step is where the detailed design work commences ie:

  1. Creation of the final concept board.

  2. 2D floorplan to scale with furniture.

  3. Design budget schedule.

  4. Includes two revisions.

  5. Client sign off - very important.

Benefits To You…..


You Are In The Driving Seat.

Prevents Costly Mistakes.

Allows You to Make Changes.



Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

~ Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.