Take a seat, let’s get started.

This could be the best two hours you have ever spent. First and foremost, this is your home we are talking about, not mine. Your home is probably one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. Therefore, I need to be able to deliver a design that you like, love actually (I love that film!). To enable me to do that, I need to get under your skin and ask key questions about you and uncover your ‘interior desires’? You may not have any idea. So a cozy chat over a coffee will help me understand what makes you tick.

What’s involved:

  1. An two hour consultation

  2. Site survey to take measurements and photographs.

  3. Understanding the design brief.

If you wish to proceed I will then:

  1. Draw detailed floorplan.

  2. Develop and create concept boards.

  3. Present these to you face to face.

  4. Two revisions if required


Why should you work with me?



As I said above. Dialogue is the first step to creating a home you love. Therefore a face to face initial consultation is crucial to creating the design concept that works for you.


Not everyone can visualise what something will ‘look like’. I prepare a floorplan in 3D so that you can ‘see’ what your home will look like. This puts you in the driving seat. You can make decisions about how the design looks before the money is spent. This prevents costly mistakes.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Working together, I respond to your needs creating a design and plan that creates tangible results.



Home is not a place - it’s a feeling.