I’ve read an article this morning in The Daily Telegraph about home storage and how it can be the bane of your life.

Let’s face it we never have enough.

Of course advertising and marketing does not help us, continually encouraging us to buy more, thereby increasing the weight of the creaking drawers. All those clothes vying for wardrobe space. We end up pushing cupboard doors shut hoping the problem will ‘go away’.

What to do?

As an interior designer that is a question we are often asked. How can we improve the storage in our home so that it is not so cluttered?



A collection of things lying around in an untidy mess. Clutter is a thing that doesn’t belong in a space because either it belongs somewhere else in your home or it doesn’t belong there at all because it no longer ‘serves a purpose’.

Here we go. In order to have order here are 3 steps to take control and bring your home to life.

Step 1. The logical first step towards solving home storage is to look at what is no longer needed and either give it to the charity shop or throw it away in the dustbin…. lurking the garage.


That’s right..

Put it in the dustbin….

Easier said than done because as humans we cling to stuff like that because of the ‘emotional’ connection to it.

Step 2 is to resolve that connection by considering what value it has to you.

I’ve been working with a client recently who has very strong emotional connections to several items in her home. Her husband would ‘chuck it all out’. However his wife is emotionally connected to them because the items were given to her by her late mother. Therefore that connection is completely understandable.

Once you have established what that connection is it is easier to part with it. I’ve had to do this a few times in my life due to the circumstances I have found myself. I moved out of a very large converted barn into a one bedroom flat. You can imagine the dilemma especially with clothes and shoes. One bedroom. One wardrobe. Horror of horrors….. something has to go. I did say goodbye to some ‘old friends’ as they had no where to go… sob!

However there is one thing I cannot part with and that is art. I’ve collected quite a lot over the years whilst travelling etc. Therefore I have to say some of that is in paid storage as I’ve run out of walls to display it.

I’m not practising what I preach here at all am I.

I’m digressing!

Getting back to storage and how to manage it.

Lack of storage is directly related to floor space and how you can squeeze in a cheeky cupboard or box here and there. Ikea has made a fortune providing simple cost effective storage solutions.

My approach is to look at the entire floor area. Reassign furniture to another place. It may be sitting in an area of your home that is ideal for storage but because there is an heirloom occupying that space, you cannot see it.



The final frontier…

Step 3. Take a deep breath, a piece of graph paper a pencil and a tape measure. Measure the room and the items in it. How it is positioned? Can it be moved? If so move it. Thereby creating an area where storage can either be built or bought. Remember sometimes an item of furniture will look stunning somewhere else especially if you paint it and put some sexy new handles on it.

A sad old chest of drawers, given a new lease of life to be used elsewhere in your home.

Leaving you with space!!

To create much needed storage.

How satisfying.

All that was clutter is now carefully and tidily stored away.

To put things in order means you put your past in order too.
— Maria Kondo

If you need help ‘space planning’ and would like to explore your options. Come say hi. I’m always happy to chat.