3 Reasons To Use Colour In Your Home…..

To give you an insight into colour, first here are some cheeky facts :

In 1666, English scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when pure white light passes through a prism, it separates into all of the visible colours. Newton also found that each colour is made up of a single wavelength and cannot be separated any further into other colours. The colours of the rainbow : Red, Green, Violet, Indigo and Blue. Today we use the colour wheel because it displays the relationships between colours. In general, the way colours contrast with each other. These can be defined as either analogous or complementary.


The Colour Wheel

According to colour theory, harmonious colour combinations use any two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel, any three colours equally spaced around the colour wheel forming a triangle, or any four colours forming a rectangle (actually, two pairs of colours opposite each other). The harmonious colour combinations are called colour schemes. (By the way, this image is drawn by my sister Wendy).

Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or the use of colours to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colourology and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment. Red was used to stimulate the body and mind.. Yellow to stimulate the nerves and purify the body. Orange to heal the lungs and increase energy levels. Blue to soothe illness and treat pain and finally Indigo shades were thought to alleviate skin problems. Therefore today, this theory is used in interior design. Colour does make a difference in the home. Personally I can’t live in a ‘white’ home it is too harsh on the eye. Why have a home that resembles the interior of a ping pong ball. I believe colour “brings your home to life”.

So, looking at the application of colour in interior design and the chromotherapy above, it is easy to see how using colour will affect your mood, your home life and those around you.

Number 1 - Using Colour Creates Mood

Using colour in your home says a lot about you, and can send a strong message creating an overall impression of who you are.  If you enter a dark home, your mood will instantly change and the same can be said if you walk into a stark white hallway. Therefore, colour creates mood. The trick is to learn how to use it so that your home really does reflect who you are. Colour is in my soul and it is one the key drivers as to why I do what I do. Way back when I bought my first apartment I painted the walls in the living room the most rich red by Fired Earth, Bengal Rose. I will never forget how it transformed a very large Victorian living room into a rich warm haven, but not only that, how it made ME feel. You will instinctively know how you feel about colour when you look in your wardrobe. It is a good place to start because what looks good on you will very likely also look good in your home. Depending on the hue, it will engender calm or invigorate with energy.


Colour Is a Power that Directly Influences the Soul

- Wassily Kandinsky

Number 2 - Make A Statement

There has been a lot of noise about statement walls and whether they are in or out.

Ignore all of it!

Go with your gut. If you want a statement wall have one, because it is your home. It is about you so my advice is ‘go for it’.

I love a statement wall not only because of the impact it will make in a room but it is also a great way to introduce colour if you are reticent about using that colour on all four walls. Let’s face it, paint is far easier to change than wallpaper, but there is also another factor, light. Look at how light affects paint. I love this element of using paint because it changes throughout the day.

Here is a quick and dirty on what to consider when applying paint.

North facing can be challenging so either go for dark rich shades to create a sultry mood or to maximise light and space, go for light neutrals with warm undertones. South facing rooms enjoy some level of light all day which means that both warm and cool shades are equally practical. East facing, light can vary the most throughout the day; bright morning sunlight fades to darker evenings meaning that these rooms can look gloomy as the day goes on. Blues, greens and other cool tones are brought to life in the morning sun but still retain some light and vibrancy as the day goes on. Finally west facing, consider how colours in west facing rooms will be affected by both fading sunlight and artificial light. Whites and neutrals will make the most of any light in a west facing room.

Number 3 - Proportion

Using lighter colours will make a room look bigger and brighter. Light and bright walls are more reflective, making a space feel open and airy, which helps maximize the effect created by natural light. Dark colours tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller, but equally if you want a room to be cozy and restful area, dark colours are key.


Light, Bright Walls..

Are more reflective….

For an optimum effect, select soft tones of off-white, blue and green, and always remember that brighter rooms look bigger and more inviting. I love to paint skirting and door frames in a lighter tone. By doing so, the walls will appear farther back, making the room seem bigger.

To give the illusion of space, if your walls are painted a rich or deep colour, a pure white ceiling will seem even lower because of the sharp horizontal line between the wall and the ceiling as the two colours create where they meet; paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls. Abigail Ahern uses this technique a lot. She is the founder of the “dark movement”. See below.

Add Bright Colours…

To these dark, inky shades and make your room pop!

In terms of what paint. Of course we all know Farrow and Ball, Little Greene etc. However, please do seek out Benjamin Moore, an emporium of colour. Below is an image of a project that is underway use Benjamin Moore paint.

Basi MBR Gray Shadow copy.jpg

This paint has a lovely rich hue and looks fabulous as the light changes throughout the day and when lit at night from the spots above.

If you would like to know more about using paint in your home, please do give me a call. I am more than happy to pop round and have a chat.

Come say hi!