Design To Live Well.....

I’ve had an interesting week having flown back from South West American on Monday straight into London Design Week so my feet haven’t really touched the ground, which is perhaps why I’m writing this with a cold compress on my foot….. we live and learn.

So to London Design Week. I was at 100% Design yesterday. I am a believer in wellness in the home which is why my design vision is focused on Light Space and Colour. It was therefore interesting to see at 100% Design the league of young designers who are striving to create good out of waste materials. These young ambitious creative individuals are looking at these materials and sustainable renewable products which can be reengineered for good.

Design To Live Well

Red Mud - a.k.a. bauxite residue

A project undertaken at the Royal College of Arts, Red Mud, a.k.a. bauxite residue, is a byproduct residue of the alumina industry. Over 150 million tonnes are produced each year, and left unused in giant pits. Working with factories, research labs, and ceramicists, the industrial residue is transformed into ceramic bodies, glazes, and geopolymer concretes. As you can see from the image above. What a fantastic endeavour to create well designed products to use in the home.

Design To Live Well

Harnessing Challenging Waste

Clemence Grouin-Rigaux has developed a material by harnessing challenging waste from the slaughter industry such as blood, bone, fat, skin, hair, animal trimmings and urine, all of which can be hugely problematic to the environment. She aims to not only reduce the waste generated, but also help change our perception of it. Again looking at the image above you can see how versatile this product is.

Design To Live Well

This Is So Much More….

Wow Recycled created by the lovely Ondine Francis is such an amazing initiative. These lights featured in the image are made from recycled plastic. No virgin plastic in this at all. Ondine has spent a lot of time refining the process so that these products can be made amongst other things. Read about Ondine’s charity work in Zimbabwe here.

Design To Live Well

Sustainable Woven Textiles

I just love these beautiful creations. Each piece is crafted by Pamela with slow textile values at the heart – using highly sustainable, renewable and biodegradable pure wool sourced from the British Isles. Animal welfare is also at the forefront, insisting on a supply chain that is kind to everyone it touches.


Design To Live Well

At The Heart Of Everything I Design….

There were so many interesting new designers at 100% design I cannot mention them all. However they are all striving to make our world a better place. Design to live well is a the heart of everything I do.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

~ Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Enjoy your weekend.