How much baby do we really need?

How much baby do we really need?

We all do it. Day dream I mean. Hopes, aspirations… what we want.

Now there’s a question.....

What we want or more appropriately what you want.

Day dreaming whilst having a coffee, or watering the plants or walking along the high street window shopping. I did this just the other day on my way down Regents Street towards the Royal Academy for the Summer Exhibition. I was people dodging. I rarely meander so people dodging is an occupational hazard. Anyhow as I was overtaking….. a window caught my eye. The way this window was ‘styled’ immediately caught my attention.

Style or styling is a big part of interior design and I bet a lot of you daydream about that too. You know… how do I fashion cushions on my sofa. How do I make my bed to look like the one in the swanky hotel advert.

How do I do that. and how do I do that without spending a fortune.

Help is at hand.

Of course you could ask me or another designer. But you might not want to for various reasons.

So I’m here to give you a little midweek advice.

Ralph Lauren looking cushions.jpg

Start here…

Style doesn’t always have to cost a fortune…

I cruised into this store and I was pleasantly surprised.

I wandered around for a couple of minutes and stumbled across these cushions (pictured above). I thought ‘hang on’ these are reminiscent of Ralph Lauren. OK I know the throw and chair probably gives it way. But you have to admit, these a cool.

You may well have just had to spend a small fortune on your daughter’s prom dress along with hair, nails, spray tan, shoes, handbag and the Limo!!

And now you are thinking what about me! I seriously want my bed to look a little more alluring or I’m fed up with that bloody bathroom mirror.


Err hello

what about meeee…..?

This store is very well styled. And this is where I am coming from.

If you are struggling to ‘style’ your home. Go and seek inspiration and you will find it here, that is for sure. I continued walking around, had a chat with the stylist as you do when you are nosy interior designer. They have created a stylish emporium offering interior accessories of all nature at affordable prices in a store that is a real pleasure to walk around.

White Company Styled Bed.jpg

Who wouldn’t..

Want to sink into this bed….?

Take this bed for example, the desire just to throw yourself onto it is quite appealing. I love walking into my bedroom in the evening and seeing my bed looking desirable… cozy, comfy, stylish. The bed in all the advertising images, that has the coffee tray and the magazines on it. Come on you know what I mean…



OK….. I’ll put you out of your misery. Who am I talking about?

H&M. The fashion brand.

They have a home store on Regent Street that is fabulous and there is even a cheeky little cafe at the rear of the store when you can sit and contemplate your forthcoming purchases whilst having coffee and a cheeky cake.

Take photos with you phone, make notes and emulate style to Bring Your Home To Life…..

Happy Shopping!